Maranjab's castle

Maranjab's castle Maranjab's castle is a caravanserai in desert, where is built on the silk(Abrisham) road.The caravans passed on this way to travell to Khorasan,Isfahan,Rey and on the contrary. About the reason of building of this castle and caravanserai by side the saltlake has been narrated that Shah Abbass hadn't built in spite of building of numerous caravanserais and castles in all over the country defensive installations. Because the enemy hadn't atttacked on the capital until that time because of saltlake and wide desert. When the Osbaks and Afghans attacked through saltlake on Kashan and advanced towards Isfahan, set Shah Abbass this thinking that he built very fast a military base in year 1591 in this region. So he prevented from threat of the enemy. Above the caravanserai is in form of look-out fortress and it is mentioned that five hundred sentries were always in castle. These sentries provideed for the security of goods-passing from China to Europe and on the contrary in this area. There is a subterrance canal by the side of caravanserai that its water is drinkable and this is a miracle in salt desert. It's an unparalleled miracle that nobady knows its secret. Daryosh Abbasi

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