Tehran is the major gateway to Iran, but international flights operate to other big cities as well. There are thirty airports in active use, eight of which are suitable for international flights. The latter include the Tehran Mehrabad Airport, Mashhad, Esfahan, Dhiraz, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, Ahwaz, and Zahedan. Some of the airports were damaged during the war. Flights to Ahwaz, Orumieh, Kermanshah, and Sanandaj were resumed only in the fourth quarter of 1988, after several years. There is a major project for the construction of Tehran's second international airport (Imam Khomeini International Airport), which will handle about 30 million passengers a year when completed. Tehran United Bus Company runs airport buses to the city center. A taxi from each ariport to the city center. A taxi form each airport to the city center takes 30-40 minutes, or more depending on the traffic condition. ARRIVAL: Passengers arriving from aabroad should hand over health certificates (distributed on the plane) to a health officer, and passports, visas and landing cards to immigration officers, who stamp and return the document. Completed customs form as well as foreign currency declaration forms are presented to the officials in the baggage claim area; you must bring a long robe and a head scarf that will conform with Islamic hijab. Alcohol is strictly prohibited and nay not be brought in by travellers. DEPARTURES: Be sure to reconfirm your reservation and arrive at the airport before check-in time. Iran Air, Aseman, and (the newly established) Mahan and Kish Air airlines have regular flights to the big cities and even to smaller towns in remote parts of Iran. The expansion of airports in recent years has provided the possibility of air communication between various cities on a wide and popular scale. The rates for internal flights are relatively low compared to those of other countries. The service and subsidiary services of Iran Air on internal flights are based on international standards. Tickets can be obtained either directly from sales bureaus or through private agencies which are widely established in Tehran and other major cities. from:

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