Car Hire

The renting of a self-drive car is, like anywhere else, the most pleasant solution for the independent-minded tourist who dislikes being held down to a price time-table. It can be a costly solution, especially in Iran where distances are very great. For details, consult many of the capital's travel agencies as well as those of large cities. However, some Taxi Service firms are specializing in renting out cars for short trips in urban areas. There remains to be found in Iran a car-hire organization adopted to long distance travel and geared for example to a tour of many mehmansaras scattered around the provinces and now easily accessible along good roads. Do your best to hire a car in which you will be driven, since the authorities are apt to take stern measures against those involved in car accidents, imprisoning them until the case is heard or settled through the required channels. There are a good number of Telephone Taxi Agencies nowadays operating in most towns, with good drivers who can take the role of a guide as well. Ask your hotel to arrange a telephone taxi for you, when in need. from:

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