Public and Religious Holydays

1. NOW ROOZ March 21st New Year's Day Businesses are on holiday for 5 days. The school holidays continue until: 1. Sizdah be-dar April 2nd, 13th day of now Ruz. On this day everyone stays out of doors thus repulsing evil according to an ancient tradition 12th Farvardin Islamic Republic Day April 1st 14th Khordad Death of Imam Khomeini June 4th 15th Khordad National Uprising, 1963 June 5th 22nd Bahman Victory of Islamic Revolution 11th February 29th Esfand Oil Industry Nationalized, 19th March 1950 RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS 13th Rajab Iman Ali's Birthday. 27th Rajab Mission of Holy Prophet. 15th Sha'ban Bithday of Twelfth Imam. 21st Ramazan Imam Ali's Martyrdom. 1st Shavval End of Fasting Month. 25th Shavval Martyrdom of Imam Saadeq 11th Zi-Qa'deh Birthday of Imam Reza 10th Zi-Hajeh The Festival of Sacrifices (Qadir) 9th Moharram Taasou'a 10th Moharram Ashura 20th Safar Arba'in-e Hosseini 28th Safar Death of Prophet, Martyrdom of Imam Hassan. 17th Rabi ol-Avval Birth of Prophet and Imam Saadeq. The last Friday of the fasting month is observed as Quods Day. Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian minorities have their own holidays. From:

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